Rome: Entrance to the Pantheon will no longer be free…

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The monument, which was until now one of the few attractions in the Eternal City with free access, will become chargeable as soon as “the necessary technical procedures” are completed, according to ministerial sources in a press release. The opportunity to evoke this important monument in Rome.

A historic measure … in a quick decision!

The Minister of Culture celebrated this historic step by saying that in just three months they had succeeded in “defining a goal based on common sense”, which was to charge a visit to the most popular monument in Italy, said Culture Minister Gennaro. Sangiuliano.

The controversial measure had already been mentioned by the previous government. Sangiuliano’s predecessor, Dario Franceschini of the Democratic Party, announced the idea of ​​charging 2 euros to enter the Pantheon in 2017.

70% to the ministry and 30% to the Roman diocese

The people exempted from payment will be the same as those who already enjoy the same benefit in other museums and monuments in Italy, such as children under 18 and people with disabilities, while other groups, such as young people up to ‘at 25 years of age, will pay a reduced entrance fee of 2 euros.Of the income collected, 70% will go into the coffers of the Italian Ministry of Culture and 30% will go to the Roman Diocese, which uses part of its budget to charitable actions, as well as to help maintain other monuments.

Access for worship and religious activities will continue to be free, as well as for religious personnel and lay workers, including guardians of the royal tombs located in the Pantheon.

Open the wallet

Access to the Pantheon in Rome will now cost five euros, as announced on Thursday March 16 by the Italian Ministry of Culture. It is one of the most visited monuments in the Italian capital and in the whole country, along with the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

Agrippa’s Pantheon in Rome… two millennia of history

The Pantheon represents the greatest expression of Rome’s glory for over two thousand years. The history of this monument is inseparable from that of Rome. and has been its image through the centuries. Built by Agrippa between 25 and 27 BC. AD, the Pantheon was a temple dedicated to the twelve gods and the living sovereign.

The present building is believed to be the result of Hadrian’s radical reconstruction between 118 and 125 AD. It is the only ancient Roman building that has remained practically intact over the centuries. In 608, Pope Boniface IV had the remains of many martyrs removed from the Christian catacombs and placed in the Pantheon. Subsequently, the temple was officially converted to Christianity and named Santa Maria ad Martyres. The Pantheon inspired Raphael,

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