Rio-Lima, the longest bus journey in the world…

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Brazilian bus company Trans Acreana has reopened the line from the Rio de Janeiro bus station to Lima, Peru. The inaugural trip took place last Friday, via Cuiabá, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso.

It is the longest bus route in the world, connecting several Brazilian states to Peru and covering 6,035 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. The journey takes five days to the Peruvian capital.

The route crosses five Brazilian and seven Peruvian states, through the Amazon and the Andes, and reveals a great diversity of peoples, cultures and countless ecological beauties. This new road aims to reduce the distance between the two peoples and encourage tourism.

In Peru, the bus serves the cities of Ica, Nazca, Abancay, Cuzco (in the region of the Inca Sanctuary of Machu Picchu), Puerto Maldonado and Lñapari, all in Peru. In Brazil, it makes stops in Assis (AC) near the Peruvian border, Rio Branco, Porto Velho, Cuiabá, Campo Grande and Sao Paulo before arriving in Rio de Janeiro.

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