Reunion-Roland Garros: a reinforced system to facilitate the summer flow

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In anticipation of a particularly heavy traffic during the summer, the airport of Reunion-Roland Garros implements a reinforced device consisting of a series of measures aimed at facilitate the journey of travelers:

-Opening of the terminal from 04:30 in the morning.
-Limitation of access to the airport check-in area to passengers only. Once checked in, passengers will be able to reunite with family and friends and access airport shops.
– Reinforcement of resources and reception and security personnel to facilitate passenger access. This year, they will be accompanied by the students of the BTS Tourisme from the Lycée Evariste De Parny in Saint-Paul and the Lycée Cluny in Sainte-Suzanne, as agents. Smile Slice Papaya “.

At Réunion-Roland Garros, the number of travelers will gradually increase and a significant peak is expected from Saturday July 8, the first day of the holidays. The airport teams will gradually be reinforced and a special reception system will be fully operational and put in place for passengers until September 3 inclusive.

While congratulating this device, the site specializing in discount tickets for Reunion, Martinique and Guadeloupe, wishes to specify: “ The craze for the overseas departments comes up against these limited logistical capacities. These destinations face staff and resource shortfalls that take time to resolve but are on the right track.”

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