Resaneo finally owns Bourse des Vols!

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Raphaël Torro, CEO of the Penguin World group, and Jean Pol Leclercq director at Resaneo, impatiently awaited the court order for the takeover of Bourse des Vols (sites and brands). It’s now official. The group owns the intangible assets of Fabrice Dariot’s company. Raphaël answered our questions!

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Questions to Raphaël Torro

Airlines and Destinations (MTN) : In fact, what will Resaneo take over?

Raphaël Torro (RT) : our group takes over the Bourse des vols and Bourse des voyages brands, existing sites, and ownership of domain names. These are the intangible assets of the company which has been liquidated.

MTN : what happens to BDV staff?

RT: The staff was unfortunately dismissed by the judicial administrator.

MTN: what changes for BDV sites?

RT: they must first be put back into service. Then we will bring our widely proven technology. The Resaneo team will take over the operation of Bourse des vols, but I also want to focus on Bourse des Voyages.

MTN : what reservation system will be adopted on these sites?

RT: we are using our white label know-how. We know how to adapt. We have some prestigious white label partners like Lidl, Auchan… and airports.

MTN: What was the price paid for the acquisition of BDV?

RT: I will be transparent. We paid €51K.

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