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Lonely Planetreference for travel guides, has published its Best in Travel 2024its annual list of fashionable destinations for the coming year.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Best in Travel 2024 has expanded its ranking of the top 10 cities, countries and regions to include two new categories: Best Value and Most Sustainable Destinations, a total of 50 locations across the world offering exceptional experiences to discover in 2024.

Spain tops the list of most sustainable countries, having made huge strides in boosting off-season travel, promoting renewable energy, welcoming visitors all year round and introducing destinations up to then neglected. Wales has also been recognized as one of the leading countries in sustainable development, thanks to its renovated railways which have increased the possibilities for exploring the country’s wild and wonderful west. Patagonia, Ecuador and the Baltic trails of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all destinations that offer more responsible ways to connect with nature. Kangaroo Island, which is recovering very well from the fires of 2020, remains one of South Australia’s top ecotourism destinations.

The American Midwest, the Greek island of Ikaria, and Normandy are just a few of these often overlooked destinations ideal for budget-conscious travelers. Popular cities include Nairobi, Kenya, a city with a hip culture, Mostar, Bosnia, with its famous bridge, and Izmir, Turkey, a city that has regained its vitality. For those wanting to enjoy nature, the Western Balkans’ new Trans Dinarica cycle route is due to open in 2024 and Scotland’s Far North is a candidate for UNESCO status for its little-known marshy hinterland and stunning coastline. striking.

Our selection this year seeks to both inspire the travelers of 2024 and encourage them to follow their instincts. The Best in Travel list is the heart and soul of Lonely Planet’s travel inspiration, responding to the enthusiasm of travelers wanting to explore the world in an authentic way, guided by local advice and grounded in sustainable values. By offering iconic new destinations and 50 fresh ideas across five categories, we are confident that Best in Travel will usher in a year of incredible adventures commented Nitya Chambers, Senior Vice President of Content and Editor-in-Chief.

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