Raphaël Torro, the boss of Penguin World, takes over BDV

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The group led by Raphaël Torro (Resaneo – Speed ​​Media – Quartiers Libres…) takes over the intangible assets of Viaticum (Bourse des Vols), previously managed by Fabrice Dariot

Fabrice Dariot was rather favorable to Resaneo

“Resaneo is a seasoned and professional company that will bring the Bourse des Vols and Bourse des Voyages brands to life and serve its customers,” declared Fabrice Dariot at the Paris Commercial Court.

Resumption of brands and databases

Resaneo should benefit from various intangible assets: brands, databases, sites and domain names, software.

Logo flight exchange

Raphaël Torro should put BDV online quickly
The site https://www.bourse-des-vols.com/ is known to many customers. In order not to lose the capital of this online site, it would be wise to continue the work of Fabrice Dariot and his collaborators.

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