Rainbow weddings: which destination to choose for the ceremony?

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Spring officially opens the wedding season and the idea that is gaining more and more followers: combining the ceremony with a real trip. What are the most popular and welcoming destinations for a rainbow couple?

As more countries around the world allow marriage between people of the same sex or of alternate sexualities, some of the most popular places to feel comfortable getting married include United States, a destination in which no less than 17 states not only admit LGBTQ+ marriage, but also strive to attract couples from all over the world to celebrate their ceremonies.

Among the most emblematic cities, San Francisco and Boston have stood out as friendly destinations for years.

The islands of Polynesia maintain the tradition of love in the freest sense, precisely because of their endogenous culture. Tahiti and Bora Bora have dozens of places suitable for the ceremony.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia have long allowed LGBTQ+ marriages.

In EuropeSpain is the figurehead, with the Catalan seaside town of Sitges, a short distance from Barcelona, ​​with great beaches and an unprecedented nightlife for lovers of long celebrations.

Equally beautiful and identifying for the LGBTQ+ community is the Greek island of Mykonosideal for a civil union ceremony in a romantic location.

Those who like the beach can go to the region of Puglia, in the south of Italy, which does not lack superb places and an always sunny climate, such as the characteristic places of the Itria Valley, popular with lesbian couples. Also in Italy, the municipality of Florence is among the most active in inviting LGBTQ+ couples to unite civilly. What also combine travel and culture…

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