Railcoop: the railway company struggles to launch the Bordeaux-Lyon

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Railcoop failed to raise the money needed to pay its bills. On the verge of stopping payments, Railcoop launched an urgent appeal in June to its 14,500 members to raise 500,000 euros before September 30, in order to pay salaries and settle suppliers. But she didn’t succeed.

A Spanish investor for Bordeaux-Lyon?

Beyond these immediate problems, a general meeting of members is called on October 7 to decide on a new financial package, designed to begin the operation of Bordeaux-Lyon. This scenario includes the creation of two new companies: the first to finance the trains (“Rosco”), and the second to operate them and bear the commercial risk (“Opco”). Railcoop, which already has the status of a railway company, would run the trains.

This fund, which he did not want to name for reasons of confidentiality, is the Spanish Serena Industrial Partners, specialized in investments of this nature, indicated Saturday the chairman of the Board of Directors, also confirming information from the media City, Rail & Transport.

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