Rail Charter Service: Raphaël Torro and David Mascorda launch passenger train chartering

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Rail Charter Service, a new player in the railway landscape in France offers train chartering for charter series or event trips. A service that was lacking in the French railway landscape. Raphaël Torro is well known in the tourism industry with Resaneo, Speedmedia, Quartier Libre. In this adventure, he accompanies David Mascorda, the founder of the company.

David Mascorda

Rail Charter Service offers solutions to meet occasional rail transport needs.

Its founder, David Mascorda, explains the opportunity he identified:

“Before the liberalization of rail in France, this was only possible via the national operator, today we can use different rail carriers, whether for point-to-point transport for an event or for a series for the needs of a tour operator, we have solutions »

An aeronautical engineer who trained at Airbus, David subsequently developed an online tour operator specializing in the organization of festive stays. It is also by looking for solutions to transport festival-goers that the idea of Rail Charter Service came to him.

A new offer backed by existing carriers

While numerous new carrier projects are announced, many in competition with the historic operator, Rail Charter Service aims to be a partner and complementary to carriers. “We have identified customers who cannot find a solution to their requests, and carriers used to operating regular lines who have traffic capacities that we can exploit”

A long work of referencing and census

Much less work will have been necessary to master the workings of a sector that is still very closed.

By having established privileged relationships with different carriers, Rail Charter Service is able to respond quickly and efficiently to any traffic request from January 2024.

Raphael Torro

Support from professionals in the sector

David is supported in his project by professionals in the sector, he notably brought Raphael Torro on board the adventure, director of the Penguin World group (Resaneo, SpeedMedia, Quartier Libre) “Train chartering is a subject in which I am interested but which is too far from our activities as a distributor and tour operator, and which requires great expertise. This is why I immediately responded positively to David’s request to participate in the adventure. Rail Charter Service »

An ambition of one million euros in turnover from the first year

Rail Charter Service has set itself an ambitious roadmap, with a forecast turnover of one million euros from 2024.

“A complete charter of a train can quickly cost several tens of thousands of euros,” puts David Mascorda into perspective.

At the crossroads

Rail Charter Service is part of movements to reduce CO2 emissions by supporting the transition of travel to rail, but also in new mobility offers.


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