Quirky: disgruntled pilot flies penis-shaped flight path

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On July 28, the pilot of the flight Lufthansa Frankfurt-Catania did not receive permission to land at the Sicilian airport. In question, strong winds that blew all day on Catania-Fontanarossa airport.

Flight LH306 was then instructed to divert to Malta airport. Annoyed? Angry ? The pilot then performed a course in the shape of a penis near Catania before heading back to Malta. An original way to challenge an air traffic control decision?

Immortalized by the monitoring of FlightRadar24, flight LH306 quickly made the buzz on social networks. The phallic-shaped ride is 24 kilometers long and took over 16 minutes. When he finished his “drawing”, the pilot returned to the original flight path to head for Malta, landing about half an hour later.

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