Quebec: the best airlines, according to Protégez-Vous

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Protect yourselfCanadian association of consumer defenseanalyzed the services offered in economy class by airlines that serve Quebecbased on 11,880 survey respondents.

A total of 23 airlines are ranked according to various criteria, including punctuality, check-in procedure, in-flight food and seat comfort. In Canada, on the domestic market, Air Transat tops the most reliable airlines with a satisfaction rate of 78%, followed closely by Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada and Sunwing Airlines which respectively benefit from satisfaction rates of 69%, 61% and 61%.

On the international network, Emirates occupies first place with a satisfaction rate of 83%, followed by Quatar Airways (2nd place, 79%), then by Swiss (3rd place, 78%), Air Transat (3rd place, 78% ) and Finnair (4th place, 77%). Still internationally, the Canadian airlines Air Canada (21st place) and Sunwing Airlines (22nd place) are among the worst.

The first two positions are two airlines from the Middle East(…) Their strengths are check-in, courtesy of staff and space for luggage, cabins and their punctuality», comments the head of the investigation of Protect yourselfMarie-Eve Shaffer, cited by The Montreal Journal. And to add: “Air Transat comes third, but it still has weaknesses such as the quality of the meals and the comfort of the seats.“.

Air Canada, its weakness is the quality-price ratio of the food, believes Marie-Eve Shaffer. It’s the same thing for Sunwing, but, for this one, we also note the lack of comfort of the seats and the lack of reliability among the weaknesses.”

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