Quark Expeditions unveils two Greenland itineraries for summer 2024

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Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar adventures operating exclusively in the Arctic and Antarctic, is offering two new itineraries in Greenland for the summer of 2024. These two cruises will aim to explore Greenland, a destination that is still little-known, but which attracts a growing number of travelers.

The Jewels of West Greenland: Fjords, icebergs and culture (12 days Reykjavik/Reykjavik on the Ultramarine)

– From July 14 to 25, 2024

– From July 23 to August 3, 2024

This trip will showcase the best sites in West Greenland and provide an in-depth experience in just 12 days. During the summer months, one will enjoy the long sunny days, open views and opportunities to observe wildlife.

Disko Bay will be one of the exploration areas. This is the largest open bay in West Greenland, where whales are often seen. The Illulissat site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, is located at the mouth of the Sermeq Kujalleq fjord (Jakobshavn glacier), known for unloading 35 billion tonnes of ice each year, offers a spectacular landscape with its gigantic icebergs.

Among the other treasures of the region, the wild beauty of the Equip Sermia or Torsukatak fjords, located in the northeast of Disko Bay. These two remote areas offer fantastic views of large, active glacial fronts and offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, kayaking and zodiac cruises. It is also a region where, if conditions permit, it will be possible to use helicopters to take passengers up and appreciate the immensity of this region. They will also have the opportunity to visit culturally rich Inuit communities.

Sisimiut, the 2nd largest city in Greenland, has been inhabited for 4,500 years. First by the people of the Saqqaq culture, then the Dorset culture, and then by the Thule people, whose Inuit descendants form the majority of the current population. Here you can stroll through the open-air museum, take part in local tastings, or join a hiking group to venture beyond the city limits along one of the many trails.

Another possible destination will be the Uummannaq Fjord, an island community of around 1,500 inhabitants, located around 600 km north of the Arctic Circle. The small village is located at the foot of an imposing heart-shaped rock rising abruptly out of the ocean.

Included activities include zodiac cruises, hikes, a scenic helicopter flight, lectures and a polar plunge. Optional activities are kayaking, ATV outings, helicopter landing and Inuit gastronomy discovery dinner.

Greenland Explorer: Sail and fly over the Alpine Arctic » (11 days Reykjavik/Reykjavik on the Ultramarine)

– From September 14 to 24, 2024

– From September 22 to October 2, 2024

On this experience-rich journey, passengers will be able to savor and explore the best of South Greenland in all its aspects: land, sea and sky.

South Greenland is made up of three unique regions with distinct natural features.

The wild east coast, where you have to keep your eyes peeled for marine mammals while enjoying dramatic ice landscapes, an alpine atmosphere and the total isolation of the region. Arctic Patagonia, the wild stretch of Greenland’s west coast, known for its stunning fjords, iconic peaks, isolated settlements and some of the most scenic hikes in the world. And finally, the Westlands, where it will be possible to explore Greenland’s impressive ice cap up close, as well as the contrasting green heart of the island, where fertile soils give rise to an abundance of local produce allowing farmers to live off the land.

Thanks to Ultramarine’s 2 on-board helicopters, passengers will be able to gain height and enjoy incredible aerial views of the polar landscapes, set foot on the Greenland ice cap, participate in the helicopter hiking program (suitable for all skill and interest levels) and take in the best views of Greenland on exclusive helicopter tours. For the first time, the striking beauty of remote South Greenland is accessible to everyone.

It is also planned to meet local Inuit communities, particularly in Aappilattoq and Qassiarsuk. As part of the “Tamassa” program, hospitality will flow both ways as Quark Expeditions will also welcome members of these communities aboard the Ultramarine: local artists, artisans, musicians and chefs for an immersive cultural festival.

Finally, in the cool solitude of the evenings, on clear nights, it is very likely that passengers will marvel at the sky and witness one of nature’s most impressive and intimate spectacles: the Northern Lights .

Included activities include zodiac cruises, hikes, helicopter landing, ice cap helicopter tour, kayak tours, lectures and polar plunge. Among the optional activities we find heli-hiking, night camping in a traditional Greenlandic bivouac, dinner discovery of Inuit gastronomy

These expedition cruises will take place aboard the Ultramarine, Quark Expeditions’ recent ship, designed as a true exploration base.

Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters and 20 rapid deployment zodiacs, the Ultramarine offers a wide range of activities unrivaled in the field of polar tourism. With its very spacious suites, its comfortable common facilities, and its multitude of outdoor panoramic spaces for observing wildlife and the landscape, it is the ideal ship for exploring the polar regions. All combined with a range of latest generation, innovative and eco-responsible technologies.

Information and reservations on www.unoceandecroisieres.com or on 01 45 75 80 80

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