Qatar Airways to offer free Starlink Wi-Fi

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Qatar Airways revealed that it would introduce Wi-Fi Starlink d‘Elon Muskwhich would make it the largest airline in the world to collaborate with SpaceX on Wi-Fi.

Not only will Starlink offer speeds of up to 350 megabits per second for gaming, VPN access, sports streaming, etc., but Qatar Airways intends to offer this Wi-Fi free, with one-click access. Qatar Airways will be the fifth airline to partner with Starlink, as it is also currently available or being introduced on JSX, Hawaiian Airlines, airBaltic and ZIPAIR. “Qatar Airways is proud to announce its agreement with Starlink to provide seamless and free Wi-Fi to its passengers around the world,” comments CEO Akbar Al Baker. “This exciting collaboration not only aligns with our industry-leading approach to technology adoption, but also represents an unmissable opportunity to connect Starlink with our global passengers. We look forward to seeing our passengers benefit from this cutting-edge addition to the Qatar Airways in-flight experience. »

As a reminder, the Qatar Airways fleet is currently mainly equipped with GX aeronautical technology from Inmarsat, which the airline calls “Super Wi-Fi.” It usually costs $10 for a flight, with no data caps. Some other Qatar Airways planes have Wi-Fi OnAirwhich is quite slow.

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