Qatar Airways flies to AlUla in Saudi Arabia

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Since October 29, the airline Qatar Airways serves AlUla, an ancient oasis city in northwest Saudi Arabia, with a direct flight from Dohawhich will allow international tourists to have easier access to the treasures of the region.

On October 29, the airline launched flights to AlUla, strengthening access to the region and inviting explorers from around the world to discover its natural riches, annual events calendar and exclusive addresses. The opening of this new line is part of the strategic plans aimed at improving the AlUla connectivity with international markets, thus strengthening the emergence of this region as an essential tourist destination. Qatar Airways operates two weekly flights between Doha and AlUla, Friday and Sunday. In addition to the new route provided by Qatar Airways, travelers can reach AlUla via direct domestic connections via Riyadh, Jeddah And Dammamand international departures from Dubai throughout the year.

Considered one of the region’s must-see destinations, AlUla is a cultural crossroads rich with a heritage of 7,000 years of civilization and 200,000 years of human presence. Establishing itself as a global center for heritage, art and culture, sport, music, gastronomy and much more, AlUla offers a range of activities and entertainment all year round, within the of the AlUla Moments, such as the highly anticipated Winter at Tantora Festival, Ancient Kingdoms Festival and AlUla Arts Festival. This new connection will make it even easier to discover the archaeological treasures hidden there, such as Hegraa historic Nabataean site, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its UNESCO World Heritage listing.


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