Qantas secures 500 million liters of SAF from Boeing and Airbus

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As part of a partnership with Airbus and Boeing, Qantas will get access to up to 500 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) per year, which would begin to be distributed from 2028.

Access to this SAF will be made possible by a partnership with aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus on SAF projects, particularly in the United States. Qantas plans to buy the SAF from favorable prices thanks to government policies supporting UNITED STATES. These 500 million liters of SAF should allow Qantas to reach in 2023 up to 90% of the intermediate objective towards zero carbon emissions, in 2050.

And although Qantas will get this SAF in the USA, “access to an Australian SAF industry is key to achieving the broader industry commitment to net zero emissions by 2050“, recalled the Australian airline, which previously announced a $ 400 million climate fund to invest in similar projects at the local level to help revive a national SAF industry in Australia.

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