Qantas: Additional AU$80 million for customer improvement

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Qantas plans to invest An additional 80 million Australian dollars for’customer improvement during fiscal year 2024. This investment is in addition to theprevious investment of 150 million Australian dollars.

This additional investment aims to resolve a number of “ problems » customers through improvements such as better contact center resourcing and training, an increase in the number of seats that can be redeemed with Frequent Flyer points, more generous recovery assistance in the event of operational issues, a review of long-standing policies regarding fairness and quality improvement in in-flight catering.

Qantas is also working to accelerate some initiatives already underway, such as the redesign of its mobile app. More details on these actions will be shared in the coming weeks. Mired in various affairs which scandalize Australian public opinion, including the sale of 8,000 plane tickets for flights which had already been canceled during the pandemic, the Australian airline indeed has a great need to redress its image with the customer base.

Qantas, with its low-cost subsidiary Jetstar, expects to carry more than 4 million passengers during the September/October school holidays and football finals period on almost 35,000 domestic and international flights, an increase on to around 3.7 million passengers on around 28,000 flights during the same period last year.

New aircraft deliveries and wet lease agreements are expected to help Qantas and Jetstar increase international capacity by 12 percentage points by the end of the calendar year, an increase of almost 50 additional flights per week . This includes the resumption of the Sydney-Shanghai route and the launch of two new routes, Brisbane-Wellington and Brisbane-Honiara, as well as a new Jetstar service from Brisbane to Tokyo.

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