Priority to perfect team cohesion at Exottismes

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Several colleagues and I were invited to a presentation of the results, destinations, internal organization, and information sharing at the tour operator Exottismes. We wanted to give you a presentation in two articles, because the subjects are very different. There were the 2022 results and the 2023 trends. Unlike other presentations, Gilbert Cisneros wanted to emphasize the role of the 70 women and men who work in the company, as well as that of executives and bosses.

Gilbert Cisneros (center) surrounded by his sons Julien and Sylvain

A boss we know well

We have known Gilbert Cisneros for a long time, a boss who knows what he wants. He began his career in business travel. He has real experience that he shares with all of his teams with meetings organized every week on different subjects. Decisions are made quickly to facilitate the work of travel agencies. The boss directly oversees all projects. He wanted to provide comfort to his teams by setting up a sports hall. There is also a place for staff to have lunch. In short, everything is done to make its employees feel good at work.

Two sons also at the helm of Exotismes

We find Julien Cisneros, he takes care of the IT part in particular. This is a very important area because the success of Exottismes is due to the rapid accessibility of the products. Travel agents who promote the tour operator do not want to waste time. The promise is to make an online sale in 5 clicks maximum, including on certain handsets. In the Seychelles for example, 60% of sales are online, without the slightest phone call.

Julien Cisneros is interested in artificial intelligence and Big Data to automate processes.

We also find Sylvain Cisneros. He takes care of production in particular. Like his brother Julien, he is general manager of the family business and responsible for new markets at Exotismes. We can say that there is no shortage of new things in society. We will talk about it in our second article to be published. It is clear that Gilbert Cisneros’ two sons have a well-defined role but as general managers, they have an eye on all of Exottismes’ activities.

Priority to perfect team cohesion at Exottismes
Didier Sylvestre

Didier Sylvestre is the well-known person in travel agencies. We have also known him for a long time. He is DGA of Exotics in charge of sales. This is not an easy task. He is often in the field and must take care of sales representatives in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Travel agencies appreciate visits from salespeople. This allows you to resolve any problems. 90% of Exotics sales are made by the network of travel agencies and online agencies.

Priority to perfect team cohesion at Exottismes
Priority to perfect team cohesion at Exottismes

One of the new features since last year is the abandonment of the paper brochure. It is now accessible 2023-2024 via this link HERE It can be personalized by the agency that sends it to its client.

Sellers have their own brochure for the year because it is easier to show and explain to customers the advantages of a particular destination or hotel. It is a success.

As you can see, this is a team that really works together. The bosses are all very involved in monitoring files. Hat !

to be continued …

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