Practical information: the quietest seats on a plane

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To find the quietest seats on a planeit is essential to understand how noise spreads on board. The engines are located at the rear of the aircraft, which means engine noise is generally quieter up front. Turbulence and air noise are also less intense at the front of the device. Therefore, the quietest seats are usually in the front section of the plane, especially in Business and First Class.

The rows near the wings also provide some respite from engine noise. However, avoid seats located too close to the engines or the rear section, as the noise is often louder there. Window seats tend to be quieter than aisle seats, as they are further from the aisles where passengers and cabin crew frequently circulate.

Modern aircraft are equipped with noise reduction systems, which helps make the flying experience more pleasant, regardless of the seat. If noise is a major concern, consider using earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to further muffle sounds.

In summary, to minimize noise on a plane, choose seats at the front, near the wings and preferably on the window side. However, it is essential to note that noise levels can vary between aircraft, so it may be worth checking online reviews or asking the airline for advice when booking for information specific to your flight.

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