Practical information: how much does it cost to dismantle a plane withdrawn from service?

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THE old planes, once removed from active service, follow various destinies. Some are stored in aircraft cemeteries, known as “boneyards“, where they await possible reuse or are dismantled to recover parts.

The cost of dismantling an aircraft depends on several factors, including the type of aircraft, its size, its state of conservation, as well as the environmental regulations in force in the region where it is processed. On average, the dismantling of a commercial aircraft can vary from 50,000 to several million dollars.

One of the main cost items is the actual disassembly. It involves the removal of important parts of the aircraft such as engines, wings, electronic equipment and reusable components. This process requires technical expertise and specialized equipment, which can represent a significant portion of the total cost.

Next, dismantling must also consider the management of hazardous materials and waste, including hydraulic fluids, fuels, lubricants and chemicals used in the construction and operation of the aircraft. Their removal and treatment in accordance with environmental regulations is costly and requires specialized management.

The costs of regulatory compliance should not be underestimated. Dismantling companies must adhere to a strict set of standards for environmental protection, worker safety and waste tracking. These requirements may result in additional costs related to documentation, inspection and certification.

Finally, transporting the aircraft to a dismantling site can also be a significant cost factor, depending on the distance between the aircraft storage location and the dismantling facility.

It is important to note that dismantling an aircraft is a complex process that must be carried out carefully to ensure safety, regulatory compliance and preservation of the environment. Companies specializing in aircraft dismantling have the expertise to carry out this task responsibly.

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