Practical info: what training to become a cabin crew

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To become cabin crew (or cabin crew), i.e. air hostess or steward, specific training is required to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the airline industry. Here are the typical steps to become a flight attendant:

  1. High school diploma : Most airlines require at least a high school diploma or equivalent to become a flight attendant. This level of education is required to begin training.

  2. Choosing a training school: There are special training schools for future flight attendants. It is advisable to choose a school approved or recognized by the civil aviation authorities.

  3. Customer Service and Safety Training: The initial training covers aspects such as customer service, emergency procedures and on-board safety protocols. This may include simulations of emergency situations, passenger management and first aid.

  4. Cabin management training: Future flight attendants learn how to manage an aircraft cabin, including loading and unloading equipment, arranging meals and drinks, and general cabin preparation.

  5. Aviation Safety Training: Flight attendants receive extensive training on safety procedures, the use of onboard safety equipment, and handling emergency situations, such as evacuations.

  6. Medical training: Flight attendants are also trained in basic first aid and handling in-flight emergency medical situations.

  7. Foreign languages ​​: Since international flights often involve passengers speaking different languages, good language skills, especially in English, can be an asset.

  8. Flight attendant license: After successfully completing the training, future flight attendants obtain a flight attendant license issued by the civil aviation authorities of their country. This license attests to their ability to work as cabin crew.

  9. Recruitment by an airline: Once the training is completed and the license is obtained, candidates can apply for flight attendant positions with airlines. Airlines usually have their own recruitment processes, including interviews and assessments.

In summary, to become an air hostess or steward, one must complete specialized training at a recognized school, acquire skills in customer service, aviation safety and cabin management, and obtain a flight attendant license. edge. This paves the way for exciting opportunities to work in the airline industry.

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