Practical info: what nationality is a baby born on a plane?

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There nationality of a baby born on an airplane usually depends on the legislation of the country where the aircraft is located at the time of birth. As a general rule, most countries apply the principle of “single juice” (right of the soil), that is to say that anyone born on their territory is automatically a citizen of this country. However, there are nuances and exceptions.

If a baby is born on an airplane flying over a country that automatically grants citizenship under the “single juice“, then the baby could be considered a citizen of that country. It also depends on that country’s specific policy on air births.

However, some nations do not automatically recognize citizenship for babies born in flight above their territory. In such cases, the nationality of the child could be inherited from his parents. For example, if the parents are US citizens, the child could inherit US citizenship, regardless of where the plane is at the time of birth.

It is important to note that the legal situation can be complex and vary from country to country. The parents of the baby born on a plane will often have to take administrative steps to establish the nationality of their child in accordance with the laws of the country concerned.

Ultimately, the nationality of a baby born on an airplane will depend on several factors, including the specific location of the birth, the country’s citizenship policy, and the nationality of the parents.

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