Practical info: what happens to products confiscated at airport control

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THE products confiscated at the airport follow a well-defined process in accordance with the safety regulations and applicable laws. Once a passenger is refused carriage of an item due to restrictions or prohibitions, that item generally follows one of following three scenarios.

First, if the confiscated item is considered dangerous, such as a pointed or sharp object, excessive liquids, or items containing prohibited substances, it will usually be destroyed in a secure manner. This ensures that no potentially harmful objects can be used to compromise flight safety.

Second, certain innocuous but prohibited items on board, such as liquids exceeding carriage limits or items containing restricted chemicals, may be seized for destruction or retained for investigative purposes, if necessary.

Third, for valuable or legal items that do not comply with carriage rules (such as liquids purchased duty-free beyond the security checkpoint), passengers may have the option of sending them postage free. to their final destination or to pick them up once they return from a trip. This often depends on airport policies and security authorities.

In any case, airport authorities do their best to inform passengers about the applicable rules and prohibited items before their trip, in order to minimize disruption and frustration. Confiscated goods are handled in accordance with local laws and security protocols in place to ensure flight safety and the protection of passengers and airport staff.

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