Practical info: Teruel, the largest aircraft parking lot in Europe

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I’Teruel airportlocated in the region ofAragon, Spain, has become a major player in the European aviation industry. With an impressive area of 340 hectareshe is actually the largest aircraft parking lot in Europe.

Originally built as a military airbase in the 1930s, Teruel Airport has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Today, it has positioned itself as a leading logistics center for aircraft maintenance, storage and recycling.

Its strategic geographical location, away from crowded urban areas, makes it an ideal place to temporarily store or decommission aircraft. Airlines from around the world have chosen this airport to store their planes during a downturn in activity, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teruel’s dry and arid climate is another advantage for aircraft stored there. This characteristic makes it possible to reduce the corrosion of metal structures and to preserve the devices in optimal conditions until they are put back into service.

In addition to storage, Teruel Airport also offers aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services. Specialist companies operate on site, providing technical expertise and modern facilities to care for aircraft.

Apart from its commercial vocation, Teruel Airport has also become a popular place for aviation enthusiasts and tourists. Guided tours are organized to discover behind the scenes of this gigantic aircraft parking lot. Visitors can take a close look at aircraft from different eras and learn about the history of aviation and the process of storing aircraft.

Finally, Teruel Airport plays a crucial role in the aeronautical recycling sector. There, end-of-life aircraft are dismantled in an environmentally friendly manner, allowing the recovery of valuable materials and responsible waste management. This approach helps reduce the environmental impact of the aviation industry and foster a circular economy.

In conclusion, Teruel airport is much more than just an aircraft parking lot. It is a major center of economic activity in the field of European aviation, offering storage, maintenance and recycling services, while attracting aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. Its essential role in the aeronautical industry makes it a key player in the Spanish and European economy.

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