Practical info: products found in airport duty-free

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The bduty-free shops in airports, commonly referred to as ” duty free », offer travelers a range tax benefits and reductions on a variety of products. The tax refunds offered in these shops are designed to stimulate purchases by offering passengers an opportunity to save money on certain products, particularly luxury items and imported products.

The main categories of zero-rated goods include perfumes and cosmetics, spirits, tobacco, electronics, watches and jewelry, and fashion items. Discounts typically range between 10% and 30% off traditional retail prices, giving travelers the opportunity to pick up items they might normally be hesitant to purchase due to their high price.

Tax refunds are made possible through government agreements that allow international travelers to benefit from a tax exemption on certain products when they leave the country. This means that travelers are not required to pay local taxes, customs duties or value-added taxes on products they purchase from airport duty-free shops. However, rules and limits vary from country to country and may change over time, so it is important to inquire about the specific conditions at each destination.

In addition to product discounts, duty-free shops also offer travelers the convenience of making last-minute purchases before their flight. This can be especially handy for those who didn’t have the opportunity to shop during their stay or are looking to buy gifts to take home.

In summary, the tax refunds offered by airport duty-frees allow travelers to benefit from substantial reductions on a variety of products, ranging from luxury goods to everyday items. However, it is essential to know the specific rules in each country to take full advantage of these tax advantages.

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