Practical info: LATAM, the largest South American airline

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The largest South American airline is LATAM Airlines, born from the 2012 merger of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines. With its headquarters in Santiago, Chile, LATAM has become a dominant figure in the airline industry in the region. It is distinguished by its size, its diversified network and its commitment to quality service.

LATAM Airlines operates a modern fleet of airliners, including models such as the Airbus A320, Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It serves more than 140 destinations worldwide, connecting South America to other continents. Its extensive network allows travelers to enjoy convenient and accessible travel options.

As a member of the Oneworld alliance, LATAM Airlines benefits from strategic partnerships with other major global airlines, which enhances its international reach and provides benefits to frequent flyers. It also stands out for its commitment to innovation and high-quality services to improve the traveler’s experience.

LATAM Airlines plays a vital role in connecting South America, contributing to the region’s economic and tourism development. It also strives to reduce its environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices and investing in more energy-efficient technologies.

Embodying the growth and success of the South American airline industry, LATAM Airlines continues to honor its heritage of quality and innovation. By providing essential connections across the continent and beyond, it facilitates travel and strengthens ties between countries and cultures. Through its commitment to excellence and sustainability, LATAM is helping shape a prosperous future for air travel in South America.

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