Practical info: how many children are born in flight and what is their nationality?

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It is difficult to provide exact figures on the number ofchildren born in flight, as these statistics are not always officially recorded. However, according to some estimates, it is estimated that approximately 1 to 2 children are born in flight every day in the world.

As for their nationality, it is generally determined by the nationality of the airline who operates the theft and by the legislation of the country where the aircraft is located at the time of birth. In most cases, children born in flight acquire the nationality of their parents. For example, if the parents are of French nationality, the child will generally be considered French.

However, it should be noted that nationality laws vary from country to country. Some countries apply the principle of jus soli, which means that if the plane is in their airspace, the child can potentially acquire the nationality of the country where the plane landed if born in flight. Other countries apply the principle of jus sanguinis, where nationality is inherited from parents.

In-flight births are often considered an exceptional event and can sometimes pose administrative and legal challenges. Airlines usually have procedures in place to handle these situations and ensure the safety and well-being of mother and baby.

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