Posing naked on top of a sacred mountain in Bali? A risky bet…

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A young Russian has apologized after posing half-naked at a sacred site in Bali. The tourist, surnamed Yuri, sparked outrage after sharing a since-deleted post on Instagram, which showed him naked on top of Mount Agung.

According to local reports, he is now at risk of deportation

Besides being the highest point on the Indonesian island, the mountain, which is an active volcano, holds special significance to the Balinese people and is considered an abode of the gods.

Yuri will have dropped his pants and underpants. He was also said to have been part of a group of seven tourists who climbed the summit without registering first, which is prohibited.

It took an Instagram post

His Instagram post went viral. Locals and tourists alike condemned his behavior and many called for his eviction.

Yuri has since attended a restorative meeting with community leaders, during which he formally apologized.

He also posted a full apology on Instagram taking responsibility for his behavior.

“I want to apologize for my actions which desecrated the sacred volcano for the local population,” he wrote.

“There is no excuse for my actions. The only thing that led to what happened was my personal ignorance. Ignorance of the peculiarities of the local religion.

Yuri said that after learning more about Bali’s culture and religion, he realized the significance of his mistake.

“Agung is a sacred symbol for the Balinese. Shiva destroys the universe in a continuous circle of rebirths,” he wrote.

“The locals worship the gods and believe that if you anger them, an eruption will occur. And that will lead to the destruction of the island”.

There have already been precedents

Russia’s Honorary Consul General in Bali called Yuri “crazy” and agreed that he would be promptly deported. Residents also voiced their support for his eviction on social media.

Unfortunately, episodes of tourists disrespecting Balinese traditions are nothing new. Last year, Canadian actor Jeffrey Cragen was kicked out of Bali after posting a video of himself dancing naked on Mount Batur, another holy volcano. The actor’s naked dance cost him access to the entire Indonesian archipelago. It is now banned for life.

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