Portugal: strike by immigration officers at Easter. Delays are to be expected

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Travelers planning to reach Portugal by Easter have been warned of potential delays as industrial action by immigration officials is expected to take place from April 6-10.

Portugal is one of the destinations that records a high number of foreign arrivals every year for the Easter holidays.

Those still planning to travel to Portugal during this period have been advised to allow extra time to pass border control when entering and exiting the country to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, everyone has been advised to follow advice provided by airlines or tour operators, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

Flights may be canceled

During the strike which is due to take place in Portugal until Monday, many flights are expected to be canceled and delayed. For this reason, everyone is required to ensure that their flight will take off before going to the airport.

In cases where a flight is canceled or delayed due to a strike, the airline is obliged to compensate the passengers affected. However, if travelers knew a strike was coming and decided to buy a ticket anyway, they might not be offered compensation.

Last year the EU Commission reminded all passengers of their travel rights

The Commission has said that EU air passenger rights apply to everyone traveling within, to and from the EU, regardless of their nationality.

The same pointed out that all passengers whose flights are canceled or delayed have the right to choose between rerouting, refund or return.

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