PONANT: Christmas cruises between Norwegian Lapland, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea

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PONANT has designed seven unforgettable journeys between Norwegian Lapland, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea. The unique opportunity to celebrate the end of year holidays in a different way. On the program, three new circuits to explore the polar night and the Northern Lights and four departures to experience the magic of Christmas at the heart of Scandinavian traditions.

Splendor of the polar nights and the northern lights

“It’s raining stars in our bed” : this title of a collection of Scandinavian poems becomes reality. On board of Commander Charcot, the nights will be even more beautiful than the days. Long live the entry into the long polar night and this special light between sunrise and sunset which only lasts a few hours. The ideal time to enjoy a sleigh ride (pulled by reindeer or dogs), indulge in ice fishing or work out on a kayak trip. During the stay, the discovery of the Lofoten Islands on horseback, the meeting with local communities such as the Sami, a Norwegian reindeer herding people, also punctuate the time spent above the Arctic Circle. Destinations, far from the high tourist season for a total disconnection and the chance, perhaps, to see the Northern Lights.

The Anori Observatory Lounge (the wind) – Deck 9 // The Anori Observatory Lounge (the wind) – Deck 9

Magic of the Scandinavian end-of-year holidays with the family

The magic of the Scandinavian Christmas markets where local craft stalls, the scent of spiced mulled wine and cinnamon biscuits mingle, outings with a team of naturalist guides to discover the snowy landscapes of the Gulf of Bothnia, Swedish and Finnish Lapland… these four departures are designed to rediscover the childish joys of time suspended at the gates of the Arctic between warm Scandinavian culture, sleigh rides and discovery of wild nature.

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