Polynesia: surge in tourist attendance and revenue

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In PolynesiaTHE international tourists spend lavishly! Their spending represented more than five times the value of exports of local products in 2022, according to a study by the Institute of Statistics in French Polynesia (ISPF).

For comparison: the 219,000 non-resident tourists who visited this overseas territory in 2022 spent 645 million euros, while the value of exports reached 125.7 million euros in the same year. Also, tourism revenues returned to their pre-Covid level in 2022 and the sector has strengthened its position as the most important branch of Polynesian foreign trade.

The North American and French markets together represent 80% of tourists coming to Polynesia in 2022. Tourism which remains high-end, with numerous five-star hotels and cruise ships, even if they coexist with accommodation in family pensions. According to the first figures for 2023, tourist attendance is expected to be even higher than in 2022 and could exceed the 2019 record with 236,000 visitors.

The new president of the community, Moetai Brotherson, also aims to attract within a decade 600,000 tourists per year. An objective which will require significantly increasing the hotel supply and better distributing it across the 118 Polynesian islands. Currently, the majority of tourists are concentrated on Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti, where the only international airport is located.

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