Poland is interested in the F-15EX: towards a purchase of 16 to 32 Eagle IIs?

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Boeing recently announced that it has demonstrated the F-15EX Eagle II in Poland. However, the Polish Air Force is currently looking for new aircraft to fill a capacity gap estimated at two squadrons. Boeing therefore hopes to be able to sell its new fighter plane, the final variant of the F-15. It should ultimately be able to carry a significant number of munitions, including 22 AMRAAM missiles.

Two squads missing

In a Press release published on September 7, Boeing announced that its all-new F-15EX Eagle II fighter jet was demonstrated in Poland as part of a potential arms sales program by the US Department of Defense (DoD). Poland’s interest in the aircraft was announced by Tim Flood, Boeing’s director of international sales:

Poland’s interest in the F-15EX confirms its commitment to the readiness and effectiveness of its military forces.”

However, on May 25, 2023, on the occasion of the Defense24 Day conference, Brigadier General Ireneusz Nowak (now Major General), the inspector of the Polish Air Force, announced to thepolish news agency PAP :

Analysis of the purchase of multi-role aircraft for two additional squadrons is underway. Our analyzes show that the optimal number of combat aircraft for Poland at the current threat level is 10 squadrons, or 160 aircraft.“However, the 48 Polish F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft, as well as the F-35A Lightning II combat aircraft and FA-50 light combat aircraft under contract constitute only eight squadrons. “There are two squadrons left that we would like to equip in the future.

Boeing therefore sees the possibility of a possible purchase of 16 to 32 F-15EX Eagle IIs in Poland. On the budget side, funds should not be lacking because Andrej Duda, the Polish president, announced on September 5 that Polish military spending planned for 2024 should reach 137 billion zlotys (29.7 billion euros or 33 billion dollars), or an equivalent of 4% of Polish GDP.

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