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On Monday, March 27, in Paris, a meeting was held with representatives of the tourism industry as well as with French journalists and bloggers (serious mixture). The organizer of the event was Porty Lotnicze (Poland Airports) in cooperation with the Polish Tourist Organization and LOT Polish Airlines. The conference focused on the new air link on the Paris (CDG) – Warsaw-Radom (RDO) line.

Get to know Radom Airport

The meeting brought together around 30 people for a business lunch. The guests had the opportunity to learn in detail about the operation of the Warsaw-Radom airport, in particular the infrastructures accompanying the Paris (CDG) – Radom-Warsaw (RDO) link.

There is no doubt that the shuttles for groups from France and Italy (flights from Radom airport will also serve Rome), will offer great convenience to organizers and travel agencies.

Paweł Kranc – Director of the Office of the Board of Directors of “Porty Lotnicze (Airports of Poland” said :

“The cooperation between Porty Lotnicze (Airports of

Poland), owner and manager of the airport, the airline and the Polish Tourism Organization promoter of the tourist offer, will provide real support to French travel agencies for the promotion of the offer of organized stays to Mazovia via Warsaw-Radom airport”.

The assets of Mazovia, Radom and its surroundings

A manufacturing town located 100 kilometers south of Warsaw in Mazovia, Radom has many of the region’s major institutions and government buildings. In medieval times, the city gained a lot of prestige, as kings like Władysław II Jagiełło stayed here on their way from Krakow to Vilnius and hosted foreign envoys in the city.

Radom in the 21st century is a low-key place, and its low prices for food and drink mean your złotys will go a long way. Something famous beyond Polish borders is the Radom Air Show every two months in August, the biggest show of its kind in Poland. The city has laid out the ‘Monuments of Radom’ tourist route, which will guide you to the medieval churches and elegant townhouses where Radom’s industrialists lived in the 19th century.

Among the pearls of this region

We can highlight the “Elektrownia” Contemporary Art Center, the Jacek Malczewski Museum, the Open Air Village Museum of the Radom Region, the Radom Industrial Symbols Route or the Kampinos National Park. The most important cultural events in Mazovia were also recalled.

A complementary tourist offer

Tomasz Rudomino, Director of the Office of the Polish Tourism Organization in Paris, underlined that the new connection with Radom constitutes a new stage for the strengthening of the air offer with Poland, as well as for the growth of

the attractiveness of the tourist offer intended for the French market. We will for sure promote this connection at all B2B events in France – underlined Tomasz Rudomino.

The meeting ended with a presentation of the offer and the connection network of the Polish national carrier, the company LOT Polish Airlines – one of the oldest

European airlines. Details of the offer on the Paris – Radom route were presented by Yann Saint-Sorny, LOT Polish Airlines Sales Team Manager for France.

Flights to Poland for business and leisure travel

Flights from Paris to central Poland are a great opportunity to visit this beautiful country, as well as to plan a business trip. Poland is the organizer of many economic, cultural and tourist events. A greater number of flights between Paris and Mazovia will make it possible to get there even more comfortably – summed up Yann Saint-Sorny.

The first Boeing 737-800 will depart Paris airport on April 27 at 7:45 p.m. and land in Radom at 10:00 p.m. local time.

Flights will operate three times a week – Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Krzysztof Moczulski, spokesperson for LOT Polish Airlines said: We are happy that our network includes flights from Paris to Radom. The presence on the

French market, is extremely important for LOT. We continue to strengthen our position as one of the most popular carriers in Central and Eastern Europe, and the connections between Paris and Radom provide a good basis for further development.

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