Podcast: A380, the rebirth of a giant

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Resumption of traffic, favorite plane of travelers, unique configuration allowed by the space offered by this giant of the air, geostrategic position of Dubai… Everything, absolutely everything is in favor of the one who was in its time called the “Super Jumbo” .

Emirates today operates 118 A380s and even if the company has begun dismantling the first aircraft to arrive in the fleet, it continues to believe in the A380 and to invest in its transformation.

But how important and strong is the post-Covid recovery for Emirates? Who travels? In which classes? Why is the A380 adored by the company’s customers? How to reduce the environmental impact of the Emirates fleet?

Thierry Aucoc Vice-President Commercial Europe of Emirates and Cédric Renard, General Manager of Emirates France provide us with precise answers that detail the carrier’s strategy.

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