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Last year, Pierre & Vacances embarked on a shift with “Les ignorants”, a film taking the opposite view of received ideas with self-mockery, and rewarded for its audacity and humor*. After having said what Pierre & Vacances was not, it is time to say loud and clear what Pierre & Vacances IS! The brand is therefore back, accompanied by its agency ROSA PARIS, with a new quirky TV campaign, with a humorous tone “Le Débrief”.

Pierre & Vacances residences continue to change faster than the brand’s image. The main reason ? Ignorance of the offer. The idea through this campaign is to continue to work on the perception of the brand by enhancing its assets, with sincerity and humility.

For Stéphanie Giniès, Marketing and E-commerce Director

“Pierre & Vacances is a reassuring and trustworthy brand. These last few years have proven that it has been able to evolve by largely renovating its housing stock, by developing offers to free up time for our customers or by looking for new segments such as teleworking after confinement. With this film, we offer an alternative to the “performative” holiday model, those of the race for likes and the search for exoticism at all costs. We are convinced that the essence of holidays is to offer holidaymakers a place where they can rest in a superb location, where they reconnect with their loved ones and where they feel out of place without having border crossing. In short, simple pleasures that customers are looking for. This trend is confirmed in our occupancy rates and in our customer recommendation score, which has increased by 24 points in 2 years**”.

Pierre & Vacances, accompanied by ROSA PARIS, has been working for 2 years on in-depth work on its positioning and its advertising expression. Without losing the quirky tone of previous campaigns, this new film promotes the brand’s commitments for successful stays, with no unpleasant surprises. It is from this promise that the idea was born to recreate a seemingly banal conversation of friends debriefing about their holidays by diverting popular expressions of astonishment.

Indeed, when you have exactly the vacation you expect, the views become “believable“, the massages “decent“ and the excursions “completely real“! A eulogy to simplicity, far from any superlatives.

Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Co-founder of ROSA PARIS:

“In 2022, we chose to tell what Pierre & Vacances “was not” in order to combat prejudices about the brand. This year, we considered that it was time to highlight what Pierre & Vacances really offers to its holidaymakers: holidays without unpleasant surprises. The whole creative challenge was to push this truth in the most impactful way possible, and to make evident what may seem incredible. With this new film we are keeping the humorous DNA of Pierre & Vacances and its sense of derision while meeting our priority objective of improving understanding of the offer. »

The “Le Debrief” campaign will be deployed in France on March 27, 2023 on TV in 15 and 30 second formats. In cinemas from April 12 in 30-second format then in digital from April 1.

To watch the movie:

*Hospitality Awards 2022 Advertising Strategy Grand Prize – “Best Media Campaign”

**NPS measured from March to February, 2022/2023 vs. 2020/2021

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