Pierre et Vacances: the main booking trends for February

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87% – This is the occupancy rate recorded to date by Pierre & Vacances for the February holidays for its residences in the mountains, i.e. +8pts vs 2022

February holidays are coming fast

The winter holidays will start in a few days for holidaymakers in Zone A and the snow conditions are expected to be optimal. The opportunity for Pierre & Vacances, the number 1 accommodation provider in the mountains with its 58 residences in the heart of the most beautiful French resorts, to take stock of the first major booking trends.

Great booking trends

With 94% occupancy rate recorded to date, the week of February 18 to 25, the first week of Zone C, is the most requested: i.e. +16pts compared to the same period in 2022.

That of February 11 to 18, bringing together Zones A, B as well as the English holidays, has recorded an occupancy rate of 92% to date, i.e. +19pts vs 2022.

The Last Minute trend is confirmed

37% of stays were booked less than 3 months before departure, i.e. +8pts vs 2022. Conversely, early stays are naturally down -11pts vs 2022. 44% of stays were booked for +120 days departure.





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Arrivals outside Saturday increasingly popular

To avoid traffic jams and thus reduce carbon emissions, Pierre & Vacances is offering this season a stay offer from Sunday to Sunday on a selection of 20 residences in the mountains.

An offer which is well received by customers and which represents almost 1 in 3 bookings for these residences (27%) and 10% of bookings for the Pierre & Vacances mountain offer as a whole.

Return of foreign customers

With 14% of reservations, the English are back on the French peaks. It’s +11pts vs 2022 at the same period.

Overall, foreign customers represent 33% of reservations in the mountains for this winter. An increase of +12pts compared to 2022.

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