Philippines: increased security at airports after bomb threats

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The Philippines have strengthened the security at 42 airports across the archipelago followingbomb threatsthe Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) said on Friday.

The 42 commercial airports (…) are on heightened alert from today“, declared the CAAP in a press release. She received a warning that bombs were about to be detonated on planes coming from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Mactan-Cebu, Bicol and Davao International Airports.

While the information is being validated, enhanced security measures are being implemented immediately at all airports“, explained the CAAP. The south of the archipelago is plagued by a multitude of small armed insurgencies, some Islamist affiliated with Daesh or Al Qaeda, others simply gangs of kidnappers. Attacks are not rare but generally affect cities on the island of Mindanao, with a large Muslim minority.

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