Peru: tax refund from June to promote international tourism

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The Peruvian government has approved the Supreme Decree that establishes the return of the General Sales Tax (IGV), the equivalent of VAT, to foreign tourists, known as Tax Free, to promote increased visits to different tourist destinations in the country.

The foreign tourist visiting Peru acquires the goods that will give the right to reimbursement of the IGV in approved establishments (EA), receiving an electronic invoice and the tax refund certificate for their purchase.

Before leaving the country, in the cabin installed at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, the tourist requests the return of the IGV and receives the amount of reimbursement.

It should be specified that only approved establishments registered in the Register of Approved Establishments will be able to sell the goods which will give tourists the right to return the IGV. The regulations on proof of payment and the regulations on the issuance of electronic invoices have been amended to allow the issuance of invoices for the sale of goods that will entitle tourists to reimbursement of VAT and that any authorized establishments adapt their systems for this purpose.

Worldwide, this advantage is present in more than 37 countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany or the United Kingdom. In Latin America, tax refunds exist in Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

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