Passing through Poland, Prince William provokes the government

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Prince William’s visit to Rzeszow in southeastern Poland was kept secret for security reasons until his departure and arrival in the capital Warsaw. it was to thank the British soldiers based in Poland.

On the edge of Ukraine

Rzeszow is just over an hour’s drive from the Ukrainian border. The British army has a base there to support Ukraine.

Prince William’s visit to Poland is at the request of the British government, but the prince has been clear about his support for Ukraine from the start, tweeting his support for Ukraine just days after Russia invaded.

The prince in an LGBT restaurant

Prince William stunned Polish diners last night when he arrived at an LGBTQ+ restaurant to tuck into a £7.50 pork sandwich.

Photos from the Butero Bistro in Warsaw showed the Prince of Wales sitting around a table with a group of Kensington Palace staff.

The images were shared by a local who, along with the photographs, wrote: “Warsaw can surprise. I dined today with the prince. They were quickly picked up by local media, who shared their surprise at the royal appearance.

Polish anti-LGBT authorities

The European Commission has ended its legal action against Poland over local authorities’ passing of anti-LGBT resolutions. Polish rights groups have expressed concern over the move, noting that the majority of these resolutions – many of which declare areas to be free of “LGBT ideology” – remain in place.

The decision to take action against Poland was taken by the commission in July 2021. It follows the adoption of anti-LGBT resolutions by more than 100 local authorities – ranging from small villages to entire provinces – in 2019 and 2020.

“Equality and respect for human dignity and rights are fundamental values ​​of the EU, enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union,” the committee said at the time. It pledged to “use all the instruments at its disposal to defend these values”.

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