Pas-de-Calais: Le Touquet airport will take the name of Queen Elizabeth

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A French airport has decided to change its name, in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth. This is Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport, which will soon be known as Elizabeth II Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport.

The name change was proposed by airport officials shortly after the Queen’s death and now King Charles III has agreed.

The town says it’s recognition of Le Touquet as “the most British of French resorts”. The seaside destination has indeed close ties with the British royal family, since the uncle of Queen Edward VIII often spent his holidays there, sometimes with the young Elizabeth.

“It is a tribute to a great queen and her uncle who are passionate about France,” Le Touquet officials said in a statement. The airport is located about an hour’s drive south of Calais. It had become a favorite vacation spot for upper-class English people before the war, and by the 1950s the airport was the third busiest in France.

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