Paris World Tourism Fair: was it necessary to participate?

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We asked several professionals about the return on investment of a presence at the SMT. In fact, this question could be valid on other shows and paying events. There are a slew of old and new salons. We will avoid talking about cup discounts or challenge organizations. In addition to flattering his ego or that of his company, the money spent in these meetings is far from negligible. It is almost impossible to measure the ROI.

The living rooms have reduced in size

Most tourism fairs have reduced their surface area due to a lack of exhibitors. Some don’t have a budget and others have a few questions about the opportunity to be present. The IFTM, nor the SMT and even ITB Berlin have not escaped this problem. Getting companies to come back and persuade them that their presence is great for their business has become more difficult.

Psychological and sociological aspects must be taken into account

The big question is, if I don’t exhibit, what will my clients and favorite agencies believe? Not being present does not mean that your business is in bad shape. But, we like to spread these ridiculous noises. It must be recognized that the number of tourism fairs in France is too large, given the size of the international market.

The sociological aspects are even more important. Tourism professionals like to meet and kiss each other. You have to show yourself and tell your life story. We see so and so but we have forgotten his name and in which TO he works. However, there are other times to see yourself more professionally.

Pactolus Association

Sales networks are very effective

The sales representatives have joined forces to invite more agencies from a particular region (ACTIF tourisme, Ile de France, Normacom North East – Normandy, ANATOL in the West, Pactole in the South-East, Arctour in the Lyon region The results seem pretty great.

So, and this world tourism fair

Like other salons, it seems to have downsized. Fortunately, it shares the premises with the Nature lounge. The stands are generally small in size. One always sees there the devourers of pamphlets. But apart from the weekend, we cannot say that it is a huge success.

The turn of some exhibitors at the SMT 2023

Prakit Saiporn – Jeremy Grasset (Shanti Travel)
Prakit – Thierry Maillet
Animation of the tourist office of Thailand
The stand of Peru
Frédéric Lorin with our Tunisian friends
Algeria was also present
Crete (Greece)
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