Paris-Orly: station construction advanced, fresco renewed

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The station construction site for the Line 14 at the airport of Paris-Orly advance, while outside the T4 the ” living fresco now illustrates the platform’s commitments to environmental transition.

Groupe ADP provided an update on July 11, 2023 on the progress of the work of the Orly stationwhich in a year should accommodate the RATP metros on the extension of the Line 14 Since Saint-Denis Pleyel. The station Orly Airport will allow users to go directly to the terminal with a single metro ticket or with their Navigo subscription, instead of the RER B via the Orlyval shuttle which requires a ticket at a high price (14.10 euros from Paris, 11 euros for a Navigo card holder on January 1, 2023).

Last January, the RATP announced that the way of line 14 “is fully completed from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Orly Airport. The deployment of the other railway infrastructures necessary for the circulation of trains, including the automatic pilot system, will be completed in the first half of 2023”. Recalling that this 14 “line will be the first of the Grand Paris Express to be extended and commissioned for the 2024 Olympic Games”.

Orly also unveiled the latest version of its ” living fresco “, created by Pangea, a duo of young French artists, who “illustrates the commitments of Paris-Orly in favor of environmental transition. Through this work, Paris-Orly sets out “its ambitious schedule of actions aimed at reaching a major objective: the carbon neutrality on its emissions in 2025”.

The originality of the fresco lies according to Paris Aéroport in its character scalable : deliberately unfinished on the day of its installation in June 2022, the 3375 m² work placed on the facade ofOrly 4 “takes color over time, as projects come to fruition. Thus, with each action implemented by the airport to decarbonize, optimize its activities, and preserve biodiversity, a fragment of the fresco is colored, gradually drawing the face of a new, more sustainable and responsible airport. “.

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