Paris-Orly: airlines accused of deliberately violating curfew

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Of the Airlines companies have increased this summer the violations of curfew rules in French airports, in particular at Paris-Orlytheater ofdeliberate breaches“, according to’Airport Nuisance Control Authority (Acnusa).

There has been a very sharp increase in overflow flights“, beyond the start of the curfew, in force on several airport platforms including the Ile-de-France airports, or in violation of company commitments, declared to theAFP the president of Acnusa, Gilles Leblanc.

These airliners being late and landing in the middle of the night, this causes “obviously an increase in local tensionsand protests from local residents’ associations and political leaders, he warned. This problem is, according to Gilles Leblanc, due to over-ambitious flight programs with no margin for error: the model of low-cost airlines is to operate their aircraft all day by linking flights, and any delay has repercussions until at the end of the day.

At Paris-Orly, subject to curfew from 11:30 p.m., late planes can request exemptions from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) to land after this limit. If they don’t get it, they divert to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, where the curfew is at 12:30 a.m., but it also happens that they land after the fateful hour.

And the next day, “they leave Roissy first thing in the morning for a 10-minute flight to reposition themselves at Orly“, was indignant Gilles Leblanc, denouncing a”calamitous health, environmental and climatic balance sheet“. In July alone, Paris-CDG saw “113 arrivals in presumption of default”, of which 50 were diverted from Paris-Orly. Some companies have even enforced a curfew at Paris-Orly, an offense which can cost them up to 40,000 euros in fines but which is not necessarily dissuasive according to Acnusa.

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