Paris-Orly: a breakdown in baggage sorting affects 10,000 passengers

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A baggage sorting system failure paralyzed traffic all day yesterday at the airport Paris-Orlyimpacting a 40 flights and some 10,000 passengers.

As a result of the breakdown, the baggage was handled by hand for the vast majority. Hundreds of suitcases were piled onto trolleys and hand-loaded onto buses, which brought them to the plane on the tarmac. Long-haul Air Caraïbes and French Bee had to take off without checked baggage, said Marc Rochet, the manager of these airlines serving overseas, referring to a “critical situation“.

Whether “baggage sorting was able to restart at 6:50 p.m.yesterday at the end of the day, after twelve hours in the harbour, and “no flights have been canceled”, as indicated by Groupe ADP, flights are still delayed this Friday morning. In particular flights to overseas departing from terminal 4, mainly affected by the breakdown in baggage sorting.

The operator promised that “all arrangements have been made so that luggage that could not be delivered (yesterday, editor’s note) will be delivered on the next rotation“. Recently, on July 22, Paris-Orly already suffered a breakdown in baggage sorting, causing traffic disruption for a morning and some 2,000 suitcases left on the tarmac. And on July 1 of last year, a staff strike at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle caused three hours of stoppage on the baggage sorters, and 35,000 pieces of baggage ended up “lostduring this strike.

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