Paris-CDG: too many night flights according to ACNUSA

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I’Airport Nuisance Control Authority (ACNUSA) calls for immediate measures to avoid a new movement cap exceeded authorized in heart of the night at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

The movements made in the middle of the night at Paris-CDG airport during the month of June 2023 were particularly high. If no action is taken, the ceiling for movements in the middle of the night, set at 17,562, will be largely exceeded, warns ACNUSA.

The regulatory ceiling for movements authorized in the middle of the night for the year 2022/2023 (winter + summer) is set at 17,562. 6,773) and those made since the start of the summer 2023 season (3,154), 9,927 โ€œ rights have been consumed. As of May 31, there were only 7,635 left over the summer of 2023.

To enforce the regulatory ceiling for authorized flights in the middle of the night, โ€œ the administration should take legal action against companies that operate in the middle of the night (departures and arrivals) without having the slot quotas authorizing them to operate. Failing this, it encourages the circumvention of the regulatory system in force since 2003, even though the government has mandated the prefect of Val-d’Oise to consider new operating restriction measures and subject them to an impact study. ยป, notes the ACNUSA.

New measures will be in vain if the regulatory power does not give itself the means to enforce existing measures. It is not acceptable that certain airlines that do not have a quota to operate at Paris-CDG in the middle of the night continue to come with impunity to compete with airlines that comply with the rules limiting the number of movements authorized in the middle of the night at this airport. โ€œ, concludes ACNUSA.

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