Paris-CDG: a customs officer shot and injured by a drug trafficker

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A customs officer was shot and injured Thursday afternoon at terminal 2E of the airport of Paris-Charles de Gaulleduring the control of a young peruvian passenger who carried three kilos of cocaine.

Intercepted on her arrival and placed in customs detention, the drug trafficker grabbed the service weapon of the customs officer, who was escorting her to the toilets: “The Peruvian aimed for the torso, but the colleague had the reflex to tap on the weapon to lower the barrel. A second colleague was wounded in the knee, not by bullet, while disarming the offender“, told a customs source to the site Valeurs Actuelles.

A single shot“, injuring the official “at waist level“, specified for its part the parquet floor to AFP. “We came within inches of the drama“, commented the Solidaires Douanes union, also emphasizing “the professionalism” of the other customs officers present “which enabled the offender to be put out of harm’s way, moreover without another shot having been fired“.

The luggage of the young Peruvian contained nearly three kilos of cocaine. Aged “twenty years old“, she was taken into custody and is being investigated for “attempted intentional homicide of a person holding public authority and violation of drug legislation“.

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