Paraguay wants to attract European visitors

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Paraguay was present at the Latin American pavilion of the ITB 2023 in Berlin with its special attractions in the field of religious tourism and nature. The challenge for the South American country is to consolidate multi-destination offers including it in TO offers with other neighboring countries.

The ITB is considered the largest and most important meeting place for the global tourism industry and is taking place for the first time this year following the Covid 19 pandemic.

For this participation, Sofía Montiel, the Minister of the National Secretariat of Paraguayan Tourism, pointed out that one of the most prominent offers of her country is the “Camino de los Jesuitas”, a multi-destination route that includes four other countries. (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay) and which is already promoted in Europe.

The Minister confirmed that Europeans are interested in the natural tourism offered by Paraguay, “this luxuriant, exotic, preserved nature, as well as religious tourism”.

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