Panic on board a cruise… a hundred passengers injured

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Bad weather conditions forced a cruise ship to change its itinerary during its journey to the Canary Islands. This was a bad decision because the ship found itself in a strong storm. This is the Spirate of Discovery, a modern ship built in 2019 which belongs to the English company Saga Cruise based in Folkeston in the United Kingdom.

Spirit of Discovery

Around a hundred passengers injured

About 100 passengers were injured in a storm off the coast of Spain, most of them lightly. Five required treatment for more serious injuries at the ship’s medical center, British company Saga Cruises said. In total there were around 1,000 travelers on board.

A 14-day cruise

The ship was on a 14-day voyage to the Canary Islands this weekend. The stopover in Las Palmas had already been canceled due to bad weather and the crew wanted to go to the port of La Coruña, but it was closed. Those responsible then decided to return to Britain. Unfortunately, the ship was caught in a strong storm in the Bay of Biscay, known for its rough seas. During the storm, the propulsion safety system activated, the ship abruptly turned to the left and then stopped abruptly. The passengers were injured during the maneuver.

The passengers then had to wait around 18 hours. The captain had decided to wait until the storm had passed.

“While the weather is clearly beyond our control, we would like to apologize to all those affected who are returning home safely to calmer seas,” a Saga Cruises spokesperson continued. On Monday evening, the “Spirit of Discovery” reached Portsmouth Harbor.

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