Pandora wants to make a name for itself in the hotel industry…

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Steen Bock and his partner Per Enevoldsen, two Danish founders of the Pandora jewelry chain, are innovative entrepreneurs who now want to make a name for themselves with a new type of hotel business.

The “Annassurra” brand presents itself as “a collection of travel and hospitality projects” based in Copenhagen and Porto… in short, hotels with a deep connection to the surrounding cities.

The two partners felt that Porto was the ideal place for their inaugural project, The Largo, which opened in May 2023. It is an 18-room hotel located in five historic buildings in the Largo de São Domingos district of the Portuguese city.

The design marries heritage and innovation to give a warm atmosphere with common areas modeled on the living spaces one would find in a typical residence in northern Portugal.

The catering offer at The Largo has been entrusted to the internationally renowned Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes, who manages the restaurant Cozinha das Flores and the cocktail bar Flor.


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