Ôvoyages is committed to Morocco

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Over the past 20 years, Ôvoyages has strived to promote and develop sunny destinations that are also different and surprising, while being accessible to all of our common customers.

We have adapted to geopolitical and health issues and also to a new way of traveling, always more desirous of authenticity and proximity with local populations.

This approach is also the fruit of our exceptional relationships with the host countries, many of which are friendly countries who have always demonstrated the greatest hospitality and generosity towards both our teams and our customers. common, it is also the result of a collaboration based on trust and transparency with our distribution partners.

One of the host countries, one of our friendly countries is today touched in the heart. Morocco has, as you know, experienced a terrible tragedy.

It is certainly our duty to ensure the safety of our common customers but also to stand alongside the populations at destination and participate in our humble scale in mutual aid to help the most affected populations.

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Also, Ôvoyages undertakes from 09/15 and until 09/30 to donate €5 for each file reserved whatever the destination, to a local Moroccan association to help people in the most affected areas.

Alongside this approach, the tour operator’s CSE spontaneously opened an envelope to solicit donations from all employees.

“It comforts us to know and see that our teams share the same values ​​of true solidarity”

Let’s all support Morocco together, let’s support committed and supportive tourism more than ever.

Samia and Raouf Benslimane

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