October 8, 1923 in the sky: A huge airport is born

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History of aviation – October 8, 1923. On this Monday, October 8, 1923, aeronautical news is marked by the inauguration of a new commercial airport in the city of Berlin, the very first available in Germany and which at the time claims the largest surface area on a global scale.

The airlines Aero Lloyd and Junkers Luftverkehr played a major role in the realization of this infrastructure project which they ardently supported, until the very first air link between Berlin and Königsberg was created.

A legendary airport built on land where the military trained and paraded, but also where air pioneers also once experimented with their various devices, from Wilbur and Orville Wright to Ferdinand Zeppelin and Armand Zipfel…

Ensuring the supply of Berlin during the blockade of 1948-1949, this airport managed to survive for many years, but on October 30, 2008, it unfortunately closed, being the oldest commercial airport in the world…

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